About us

a high-tech enterprise of a research and development, production, sales of 宁波网站优化 products, service as one of the. The main products of the company include 宁波网站优化 light source device packaging, lighting applications, the driving power supply. ..

  • Concept : promoting photoelectric display industry to accelerate the development
  • Spirit: Professional, dedicated, innovation, and never stop
  • Policy: high quality, fine craft, re integrity, good service
  • Target: to build the world's most perfect 宁波网站优化 display screen

The company has 宁波网站优化 encapsulation, application, power and supporting the mold, injection molding, hardware R & D and production center. Institute of cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan University and other Gu lamp domestic key universities...


Our customers

Why choose us ?

Our products are of the best quality
To first-class product quality and service to win the trust of consumers, the sale of products to enjoy the same TCL warranty, provide installation service.
Help customers find channels
Great efforts to carry out online marketing efforts, expand the sales network will also strengthen support...
To help customers find the best brand
Provide all the certification authority certificate, to ensure product quality....
Energy saving, environmental products
"Energy saving, environmental protection" as the focus, products wholesale, face in buildings, hotels, shopping malls lighting,...

About us

Gooden Photoelectric Technology

Is a production, research and development, sales as one integrated lighting enterprises. The company's products cover the light source, lamps and lanterns, integrated ceiling and other fields. Products are exported to Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia and other countries. Gu lamp lighting products including outdoor lighting, commercial lighting field, Muronai Terua. Outdoor lighting 宁波网站优化 light projector as the main...


常见问题解答 FAQ

Q: 宁波网站优化 flicker problem
S:To reduce the driving voltage of 宁波网站优化, the 宁波网站优化 will glitter in a certain extent
Q: Direct drive with the AC 宁波网站优化 technology is how to...?
S:Direct drive with the AC 宁波网站优化 technology is how to return a responsibility?
Q: 宁波网站优化 Fluorescent lamp light are how to solve?
S:The 12 and 23 series, constant current power supply, obvious brightness unevenness on the circuit board, the measured ...?
Q: 宁波网站优化 Cast light lamps using what materials manufacturing?
S:宁波网站优化 Cast light lamps using what materials manufacturing。


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